'Air, Fire and Ice' Print by Ugo Nonis

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Air, Fire and Ice 
(24" x 16”) 
From the artist, Ugo Nonis: 
This print is a portion of a mural I painted in the breath and Exposure space at DEUCE Gym in Venice.
"It’s a place where superhumans breath deep, face fire and love ice. I painted the mural while I went through the process of joining this amazing group. 
The mural represents the journey we all know when we put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. 
At first, there is the shock and panic of the new challenge but then we collect our emotions and feelings to accept the discomfort. At the end of the road, there is growth and then the next day comes to give us another chance at growth. I would like to thank Kimmy and Logan for this amazing opportunity. To pass the good forward I will be donating 30% of the profit to the charity STOKED."

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