Be a Pirate Tee
Be a Pirate Tee
Be a Pirate Tee
Be a Pirate Tee
Be a Pirate Tee

Be a Pirate Tee

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Unisex
  • Runs True to size


Why Join the Navy?

The pirate elements started with the flag.
We hoisted the flag as a way to pay homage to the rebel pioneers who left Microsoft to lead the startup that would become Apple Computers. Steve Jobs flew the pirate flag above their headquarters and explained their culture in a phrase: “Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?”
The fitness industry is broken and those joining the ranks in unhelpful ways are the antithesis of DEUCE. We’re the pirates and we’re hell bent on conquering the health and wellness issues dominating the fitness landscape.
-Logan Gelbrich
The spray painted Pirate front design might look familiar to those who have trained in the yard. This same design can be found on our Mailbox right inside our gates. While the back design was created in-house.

It's a vibe.

Why join this community?

It's the one thing you can't buy, and it's our most valuable offering.

Why get this gear?

It's simple...

If you look goodyou feel good.
If you feel goodyou play good
If you play goodthey pay good.

– Deion Sanders