FAKE GYM 2.0 Tee

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The words “Fake Gym” have been swirling in our lexicon lately and have become prominent around social media for DEUCE students and athletes alike.
DEUCE had humble beginnings. The three locations that now are scattered across the Los Angeles area began on a patch of grass on Ocean Boulevard at Marguerita Avenue in Santa Monica. For nearly two and a half years, we’d try to convince anyone who would listen that we were a high performance gym. Things progressed, members joined, and the equipment list grew. The unofficial nickname, which sounded a lot cooler than FFOTB became the ‘Fake Gym’.
As the coronavirus pandemic has changed the context in which fitness training is done worldwide, we’ve temporarily come full circle. Fake Gym 2.0 is an effort to pay homage to our roots. Quarantine doesn’t mean you need to halt your fitness gains. It does mean you’ll need to embrace the Fake Gym, however, and who better than us to do it?
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Unisex tee